Thursday, October 1, 2009

Support Ethical Consumption - Stay Connected with Eco-Cell Phones

The turnover rate of cell phone production has not been affected due to the economic downturn. On an average; two mobile phones are available for every three people on this earth. Based on recent studies it was concluded that majority of mobile phone users in the US, make use of one set for only 12 to 18 months. Even though the lifespan of such devices is approximately five years, people keep changing their phones to enjoy latest technologies.

More than 3.5 billion people use cellphones all over the world and with Nokia alone shipping around 1 million new handsets every day, imagine the unprecedented rise in demands. The mobile phone business is being considered the next apex of conspicuous consumption besides the clothing industry. According to experts, paying a small fortune for buying a new handset may give the users a chance to enjoy latest multimedia features but this turn will have adverse impacts on the environment. With global issues like climate change, poverty and carbon footprint placing human existence at risk in the years to come, it is the responsibility of consumers to take ethics into account before spending money.

Landfills are piling up with old, new and damaged handsets at an alarming rate. Toxic metals from these handsets are causing serious health problems in the nearby communities. Mercury used in these devices is seeping into the water of nearby ponds and lakes that are used by people to make food. Many companies have come up with eco-friendly handsets that are made of recycled materials. This might helps them reduce landfill waste and damage to the environment but it’s only when the concept of repairing, reusing and reducing is accepted by the consumers, harmful effects of dumping mobile phones will be avoided.

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