Sunday, October 4, 2009

Support Ethical Eating – Say No To Packaged Food

There are many people who prefer eating packaged food for the sake of convenience. If experts are to be believed, such food choices can have adverse impacts on the environment as well as the community. Many of us invest money in packaged food items without thinking of the implications it can have on the climate or people across the world.

One can make a significant difference by just giving a thought to what they are eating. Consumers across the world need to realize the benefits of guilt free ethical eating practices. What is served on our plates should not have any serious implications attached to it. Several health experts are of view that even though packaged food items come with a label that says, “low fat” or “all natural”, its consumption may still be unhealthy and unethical. Mostly, highly processed packaged food products consist of chemical additives and the nutritional value is also less as compared to fresh and locally grown food.

Supporters of ethical consumption are of view that consumers should avoid making purchases on the basis of novelty and image. The present need is to shop and eat based on a set of ethics, no matter how tempting the package or content may be. According to them, boycott of packaged food items will not only help the consumers extend their support to local farmers but also reduce the emission of greenhouse gas by avoiding food items that have been exported from other countries.

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