Friday, September 25, 2009

Nutrition or Ethics – What’s Your Reason to Turn Vegetarian?

Why do people turn vegetarian? Are they primarily motivated with the fact that vegetables contain more nutritional value or is it the ethical case of not having meat? Issues related to ethical consumption of meat has gained significant attention in many societies. Objections either pertain to the act of killing animals for meat or to the agricultural practice that is related to meat production.

Supporters of animal rights are of view that in order to fulfill the enormous demand of meat, animals are being put through conditions of confinement and filth. Even the environmental effect of meat production is as bad as the practice of raising and killing them. Did you know that half of the water consumption in the United States is related to the meat industry? More than the killing of living beings for consumption, these facts have also convinced many to become a vegetarian.

The concept of ethical vegetarianism is becoming popular all over the world. Factory farming is spreading in the developed countries due to which the existing sense of husbandry in farming has reduced. But on the other hand, it is being argued that the spread of this concept will affect the livelihood of people in countries like Africa which exports tons of beef to European countries. Since there is less space for agriculture, alternative options for livelihood are not sustainable. So, what about the economic stagnation and job loss of people who make a living of this industry? The argument between vegetarians and meat lovers may never end but if you want to consume meat ethically, then opt for organic meat products that are produced from animals raised in a sustainable manner.

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