Thursday, September 24, 2009

How About Ethical Consumption of Beer?

Beer is more than just a poster beverage to be enjoyed on lazy weekends or college parties. This key player in the multi-billion dollar industry has now reached far corners of the world. Rise in awareness about ethical consumption and environmental sustainability has also led to a recent boom in the beverage industry. If we can eat organic, why not drink organic? With organic beer making an entry in the global beverage market, the term ‘organic’ is no more associated with niche products like milk and vegetables.

By being a discerning and environmentally conscious drinker you will get to try an array of healthy and tasty organic beers. The method of making organic beer is the same as any beer but 95% of its ingredients are grown without using pesticides and harmful chemicals. Organic beer is not only tasty but it’s also good for your health and the environment. Andrew Myers, dining room manager of America’s first certified organic restaurant Nora also recommends organic beers and wines to his customers due to its quality and taste.

Saving the world with one organic beer at a time can make a considerable difference to our planet. It can support sustainable agriculture methods and even help combat global warming. By choosing pesticide-free organic beers, saying no to excessive packaging in bottles and cans and supporting breweries that run on sustainable energy, beer lovers can green their beer drinking without compromising on its taste and quality.

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