Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ethical Consumption and Your Toothbrush

Going green can be as easy as brushing your teeth. Yes, you read that right! How you use your toothbrush can have a good or bad impact on the environment. We all have seen commercials where dentists recommend changing toothbrushes every three months. Imagine consumers all over the world following this instruction and disposing their old brush every time the blue color of its head fades to the base. On an average, if an individual will be disposing four toothbrushes in a year, wouldn’t it result in tons of toothbrushes being dumped in our oceans and landfills annually?

Plastic toothbrushes can aggravate the issue of climate change. Most of the conventional toothbrushes cannot be recycled and their paper and plastic packaging makes matters even worse. So what are consumers to do? There are several companies out there that focus on oral hygiene as well as the safety of our planet. Some manufacturers produce toothbrushes made of 100% recycled plastic out of which a good percentage includes disposable cups that come with take-away food.

Preserve toothbrush from Recycline is made from recyclable plastic that includes yoghurt cups from Stonyfield Farm. Its packaging can also be used as a travel case and once you feel the need to change the toothbrush, you can send it back to the company in their postage-paid mailer. Your used brush will then be turned into plastic lumber for other purposes. You can even opt for Fuchs EcoTek and Radius toothbrushes as they are also eco-friendly and don’t add to the growing pile of plastic waste.

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