Friday, September 18, 2009

Cadbury Chocolates: Bringing Orangutans on the Brink of Extinction

Did you know that the use of palm oil in Cadbury chocolates is causing damage to the orangutan habitat in the rain forests? The use of palm oil in Cadburys’ dairy milk chocolates was a cost effective measure undertaken by the company but this move was actively condemned by environmentalists and consumers all over the world. Replacement of a portion of cocoa butter with palm oil may have helped the firm save thousands of dollars but the change in taste and the source causing rainforest destruction infuriated Cadbury lovers.

The company labeled palm oil as vegetable fat on its labels. This oil has high amount of saturated fat and it had not only changed the taste and quality of chocolate but also added to the burning of rainforests in Indonesia for palm oil plantations. At a time when several companies are reducing the use of this oil, Cadburys’ decision to increase its usage shocked and riled the consumers. The Auckland Zoo removed the company’s chocolate products in the wake of supporting ethical consumption. The shoppers were also being told not to buy Cadbury products. Public outcry has now led Cadbury, voted as one of the most trusted brands in New Zealand to eliminate the use of palm oil in its chocolate products. According to the management of Cadbury New Zealand, the old recipe of making chocolates will soon be implemented.

When companies across the world are trying to make ethical decisions and support environmental causes, trusted brands like Cadbury getting the concept wrong poses serious issues for the consumers.

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