Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is It Ethical to Buy Cut Flowers?

By supporting ethical consumption, consumers all over the world are not only reducing carbon footprint but also contributing to the growth of developing countries. Did you know that something as beautiful and fresh as cut flowers can also result in carbon footprint? Approximately 90% of cut flowers sold in the UK come from Kenya or Columbia. Since the pesticides regulations in these countries are not very strict, the use of dangerous chemicals is encouraged. There are chances that the cut flowers you bought today morning have been produced with the use of fumigants and fertilizers. Besides the use of harmful chemicals, pressing issues like child labor and low pay are also being associated with the cut flower industry.

The cut flower industry has made an attempt to convince consumers on the benefits of growing these flowers in hot countries and then importing them to the UK. But this issue goes beyond the rise in carbon footprint. Cut flowers are mostly grown in developing countries where large corporations buy land along with water rights. The limited access of clean water in such countries is being used for the production of flowers. As consumers it is our responsibility to know if our purchase is costing lives or aggravating global concerns like global warming and poverty. So, why not make an ethical choice and buy locally grown cut flowers?

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