Monday, April 5, 2010

Green Living Is Easy with these Meal Tricks

Don’t let the lunch hour escape your green living efforts! These three money-saving tips are easy and effective at reducing your impact. A long-time trend in the business world was to skip lunch, but why? Food is more than just fuel. Eating is an experience to connect with the resources that allow us to live, survive, and thrive. These quick tips will help reduce your impact and your budget for the green living types.

First, get yourself to the co-op and purchase a set of to-go ware! Or make your own. These handy sets of portable silverware will keep your traveling footprint to an all time low. Artists like Chris Jordan point out the obscene amount of waste created every year, most of which is only momentarily used. So when you get food on the go, you can be ready. Most sets are bamboo, and many come in recycled carrying cases that you can latch on to your backpack or inside of your purse.

Second tip, green living is about more than what you purchase. A one time investment in a cute lunch bag, sewn with your own two hands, purchased on Etsy or at the store. This can be a helpful reminder to bring your own lunch. It can also help eliminate resource use associated with paper or plastic lunch bags. You are never to old for a fashionable lunch sack!

The last tip is something you may know well, meal planning. It sound simple, and there are plenty of templates online for various food preferences. Yet, in reality meal planning escapes most of us. Why is that? The best solution that I have found is doing a week’s meal planning once a month. Then gradually phasing in meal planning toward a larger portion of the month. This will help you shop for what you need, and use food before it goes bad. Awareness of food waste is growing, with composting solutions and non-profits like Second Harvest offering solutions. But meal planning can be a proactive way to reduce the amount of consumption and waste in the first place.

Lunch is back in style! And not just for school children Celebrities, politicians, and office workers alike are all investing in healthy lunches again. Green living’s wide array of choices are also now including sustainable school lunches as investments So why not spice up your routine with some money-saving switches to help you get ahead of the curve, save money, and reduce resource consumption all at once?

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