Monday, April 12, 2010

Living green and concocting your own eco-friendly shampoos

There are really so many facets of living green that even the most eco-friendly of sorts are finding that they still have room to grow. Sure you may have outfitted your entire home with energy saving appliances, piled those blankets on your bed during the chilly winters, and swapped out all of your outdated light bulbs, but chances are there are still things you can do to up your green factor. One of these potential outlets is in the kinds of shampoos and other beauty products that you purchase and use on if not a daily basis than still very regularly. The truth though is that a myriad of these very products are not only manufactured in anything but environmentally conscious ways but also they contain elements that pose a potential health risk to you.

There are a laundry list of ingredients used in standard shampoos that have been linked with such maladies as cancer but the top offenders are parabens, formaldehyde, 1 or 4 dioxane, and diethanolamine (DEA), so if you see these in the list of ingredients steer clear! What is also tough about trying to shop with your living green spirit in mind is that there are plenty of misleading labels, and if not false claims than those that sort of negate you away from the actual truth. The best way to avoid falling victim to a label trap is to be informed, know the honest certifications from the phony, and still be on the prowl through that list of ingredients. There has been headway in this area however and you can put more credence in an Australian Certified Organic, National Products Association certified, USDA Certified Organic or BDIH shampoo.

Still for those resourceful living green enthusiasts you can side step all of this investigative research and make your very own eco-friendly shampoos. Ingredients can be as minimal as adding 1 tablespoon of baking soda to a cup of warmed water and then mix it up until it is adequately dissolved and lather. If you want to add a little lemon zest to that you could follow up with a little bit of lemon squirted into warm water and run that through your hair. Still there is a recipe for those tea lovers out there and you can add ¼ of a cup of your herbal tea of choice to hot water until it is brewed rather strong; you will then add 8 ounces of castile soap in liquid form and continue to stir. Once done you can do your cleaning and keep the rest in a handy bottle…just make sure it is recyclable too.

There really are a myriad of home remedies (There is even an egg shampoo that will need only a single whisked egg yolk combined with 150ml of warmed water as you continue to stir; you will then rub it into your hair and let it set for at least a few minutes before you wash it out and you’re done!) which will ensure that you know exactly what goes into your lather and you can cut out any of the harmful toxins and in turn reduce your carbon footprint. And for those living green that is what it is all about!

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