Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Recycle that trash and redecorate your green home

Are you looking to redecorate your green home in all that is recyclable? Well you may want to take a glance at some of the ingenious creations making their way to the houses across the globe with the help of a little creativity and Makedo. But what in the heck is Makedo? Well this funny little term refers to an Australian company that has made a connector system that makes it easy to turn the junk of yesterday into the treasures of today. Each little Makedo reusable connector allows you to erect everything from furniture, toys, or simply odd pieces of art that are sure to be the perfect conversation starter at any party.

These connectors really aren't so revolutionary in their design, being merely a hinge, construction tool, and a connector (really just fancy terms for a clip and pin that then binds two things together), but their power lies in the ways in which they get those recyclable creative juices flowing. People are now taking fabric, cardboard, and plastic to then make everything from a dogs out of FedEx boxes, fabric igloos, and even larger than life gorillas out of many a cardboard fridge boxes. The uses are limitless, and even those clear plastic sandwich boxes you got from the cafeteria take out line don't need to be sent to the trash when you could make them a fun little desk animal creature.

When you've tired of one recyclable creation, don't fret as you can send one piece to your recycle bin and insert a new item by unclipping the Makedo and using it again. This amazing little gizmo has inspired the imaginations of all of those green designers lurking inside us all but until now couldn't reach their full potential. So drop those tired old Popsicle sticks as you've got much bigger fish, or cardboard boxes rather, to fry! In fact it seems that this Makedo rage has almost instituted an unofficial challenge for artists and others to come up with the best possible use for ordinary junk in or around their green home. The young and the old are taking part because these things aren't any more complex than a set of Kinex.

Don't pass up on the easiest, cheapest, and eco-friendly way to decorate your green home today. Some of these things are in fact pieces of art that are worthy of darn near any exhibit. You can even make it a family affair and for once urge the kids to go dumpster diving to see what treasures are just waiting to be unburied and then showcased across your house. You'll definitely be thinking twice before that soda bottle or milk jug get resigned to the curb. With a little recyclable ingenuity, and a shower afterward, the next wave of green decor is just waiting to be made.

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