Thursday, March 18, 2010

Living green when dishing up dinner

Many cultures revolve around food, events are centered around it, holidays bring special dishes, and families guard their secret recipes fiercely; yet you can be living green while serving up all the most tantalizing fare at the same time. Whether you are catering to a party, serving the family dinner, hosting a school or business event, or having a picnic there are ways you can reduce the amount of waste and resources you consume in the way you serve those dishes and finger foods by opting for recyclable dishes.

Think for a moment about the amount of paper plates and even gasp standard plastic ones that get trashed after a single use at a large picnic or business luncheon. There are even some families that rely solely on these items and eat everything off of disposable dishes. So instead of getting regular brands seek out those that are made out of recyclable material.

There are not only plates and bowls that are made out of 100 percent recyclable plastic but forks, knives, and spoons as well. And what is great is that you don't even need to send them out to recycle after only one use because they are safe to run in the dishwasher as well. There are also matching recyclable cups to finish off the tableware, so should you be sitting on the lawn, dishing it up to the screaming and hungry kids, or serving some coworkers you can do so in an eco-friendly manner.

But there are other places that you can impart living green habits when it comes to eating and packing those lunches. When it comes to standard plastic sandwich bags and even saran wrapping dishes you can instead use ones that are made out of biodegradable celluose. Yes, you will in fact be packaging those foods out of plant materials which are far better for the environment than the usual petroleum based ones filling most pantries. They actually work better too at keeping your food fresh so they are great for leftovers. Then when they've done the job just add them to the recycling bin.

Finally, outfit your waste baskets with similar trash bags that are compostable and wholly biodegradable. Forget that 'Hefty, Hefty, Hefty' and instead be chanting 'Green, Green, Green' all the way to the compost heap. One such brand is the BioBag that will line your trash cans like a champ and avoid winding up in a landfill. When it comes to living green, these are easy measures to take to do the environment a favor while still taking part in all the fun that food and its festivities bring to all of us around the world. So the next time you raise your cup in a toast, be sure it’s one that is 100 percent recyclable.

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