Sunday, February 7, 2010

Save Energy with your morning toast

When you're looking to save energy around your home, you may look no further than that common little device that is set to turn your bread crispy. That's right, the wave of more energy efficient appliances have crashed upon us and in its wake, along with fridges, freezers, dishwashers, lighting fixtures, and more there are even now green toasters. This Ecolectric 2 Slice Toaster was the brain child of one Morphy Richard who envisioned his morning toast coming to him in a much more environmentally aware manner.

These Ecolectric toaster models will allow you to save energy in the amount of 34 percent over your standard kitchen toaster. How exactly is this done you may ask? Well, the trick is that there is a lid that will close over the heating apparatus that will encase your bread (or bagel too for that matter) while it is toasting and in turn not only reduce the amount of electricity that it is used but further allow your carbs to toast faster. Well that may really only be few moments, although on those frantic mornings every second counts, and while the bigger draw is reducing your energy use it is a nice added perk. It really is surprising the idea hasn't been breached sooner in that it makes sense that the loss of heat from the top of the toaster would only slow the process and waste energy too. Much along the same lines as we wouldn't leave the freezer door open for a few minutes as we decide what to take out of it.

Getting back to the toaster, the lid has been designed so it will shut automatically and what's also helpful is that because it offers you the ability to adjust the width of the toasting slots in accordance to the size of the bread you are also guaranteed evenly browned bread no matter if its slim and trim or Texas style. It seems that Morphy thought of everything. Another point all of us eco-minded people will appreciate is that it will come delivered to you in of course a package that is nothing short of 100 percent recyclable; anything else would seem a bit contrary to the name. Finally, aesthetically it is flash forward, has some nifty Cooltouch illuminated buttons, a little cord that can be easily housed making storage a breeze, and pretty compatible with any decor in black and silver tones.

Outside of the ability to save energy, this little gadget really is nearly the same as any other toaster, but it just shines a bit greener from within. So the next time you've got a hankering for a slice of toast with your favorite jam, or a bagel with a divine schmear, make sure it comes in the way of an energy efficient cooking device.

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