Monday, February 22, 2010

Going green shoppers delight with plenty of clothing options

Just because you're going green and shopping with these trends in mind doesn't mean you have to be a fashion disaster. If when you think of green clothing images of a burlap bag, sandals fashioned out of recyclables, and necklaces erected out of used soda cans, you would be quite wrong my friend. Today shopping green is a growing habit and products, including clothes and accessories, are in hot demand. That means that fashion designers and companies are looking for creative ways to not only adopt more energy efficient business practices but incorporate recycling into all of their wares. This includes abstaining from using harsh chemicals or pesticides in growing the materials used for the fabrics, using recycled fibers, and then relying crops that require a minimal amount of energy and water and are renewable like wood and bamboo.

There are numerous sites online where you can log on, peruse the racks (or pages rather) and then get those going green designer duds sent to you...hopefully you live as close as possible to the shipping sites to cut back the amount of emissions due to transportation costs though! And along with also shopping for clothes from companies that have already hopped aboard the green train, there are other tings you can do to improve your own green stats. This includes when you do buy, you do so in larger amounts than of simply one shirt or pair of socks at a time. Coming back to the whole shipping idea, the more single item purchases that must get sent out, the more of an effect that will have on the environment. Instead you will save on that amount should you do the majority of your shopping in a single trip or order. Secondly, buy things that you envision you will be wearing for more than a single season; namely avoid crazy fads that you'd never be caught dead in again. (Hammer pants and dayglow fare come to mind.) That way you will get the most use out of the clothes and won't need to then replace them too soon. Finally when you do outgrow, or no longer want the clothes any longer, donate them to either a good friend or a worthy cause.

Alright, so down to the fun side: shopping. Some of the best sites to go to for the hippest in green clothing fashion are Fashion and Earth which has everything from jackets, tops, pants, and intimates to even socks, scarves, skirts, handbags, and more. There are both guys and gals styles and plenty of outfit ideas. There is also
Green Collective catering to the men out there with a green passion and White Apricot will be right up the alley of any earth friendly lady out there; in addition to clothes there are skin and beauty products as well. For the little ones there is My Green Closet to outfit the ethical consumers of tomorrow. Lastly, if you are looking for the perfect tee, and who isn't, there is the Green Tee Clothing Co. with really something for everyone.

So when it comes to going green and shopping for clothing you can follow the same
ethical consumer habits that you have implemented into your home, business, groceries, and life. The best part is you don't have to look like a hippie if you don't want to (although if you do, you can go to HappyHippie and find tons of awesome hippie inspired looks there) and still be working towards a better Earth.

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