Monday, January 4, 2010

Solar, a more ethical power system

The thought of cutting out the electric company completely has perhaps crossed the minds of many an ethical consumer. How great would it be if your home was self supplied with all the energy it ever needed without having to come with any environmental duress or hefty utility bills. Yes it may be a dream to many home owners, but it can also become a reality should you be interested. In fact today there are options for you to if not totally remover yourself from having to rely on companies that supply you with energy sources from oil, coal, or natural gas, at least cut back on it.

There are those that are supplying their homes with power that is harnessed from the wind in the way of residential turbines and there are those that are taking the light of the sun and collecting it to then supply energy to their homes. In fact residential solar energy is something that is crossing all Nations and even organizations looking to send aid to countries that are less financially endowed or unaware of such topics as Global Warming and how they can reduce their own impact on the environment are relying on them to spread the word. There are groups that have installed solar powered ovens to replace previously harmful cooking practices and in turn not only reduced carbon gasses but saved trees and the environment as well.

But if you are looking to take advantage of these solar energy systems you can find kits that are for sale and that are then relatively easily installed. These kits come with panels that are mounted onto your roof and then collect the sunlight as it becomes available. This light is then converted by an inverter into usable heat and energy for your home and then you will be switching on those energy efficient appliances just as you had been before. What happens during the night or when it's overcast you ask? Well that is where the back up battery comes into play and stores excess energy that is collected from the solar panels during the day and during times of sunnier weather. These batteries then have a reservoir of energy to be tapped into to keep you powered up as you slumber away or are met with cloudy skies.

Solar powered systems can be used for not only lighting and electrical devices but for your home's heating and water heating as well. In fact if you don't want to purchase a kit and are a bit of a handy man (or woman) yourself you can go the Do-it-Yourselfer route and build a simple solar device. There are plenty of websites that can give you instructions and one of which is: So if you are just the type of ethical consumer who wishes to send the electric company packing, or at least reduce your reliance upon them, and would rather look skyward for your power supply you can join the growing numbers already doing just that!

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