Monday, January 18, 2010

Green Consumer Guild: Conserve Energy with the Home Energy Manager

For everyone looking to conserve energy and be more energy efficient around their home, there is a new product prototype that looks to make that job all the more easier. Ethical consumers delight, as at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas a few of the leading brands in the market collaborated to create the Home Energy Management device. Just what is the HEM able to do for you and your home? Well, virtually everything from keeping you on your planned energy budget, alerting you as you reach the predetermined cap, offering suggestions to get you back on track, and even allowing you to access your social media sites. Well you wouldn't expect any new gadget to put a hold on your Twittering and Facebooking would you?

It was the teaming up of Best Buy, Whirlpool Corporation, OnePeak, and Direct Energy that have made the HEM the answer to your home energy woes. With mounting awareness in regards to the need to conserve energy at home and work around the Globe, people are taking to smarting consumption practices. This includes purchasing energy efficient appliances, switching out our old traditional light bulbs, turning down the thermostat, and other like minded habits. But when it comes to being able to gauge just how much energy we are saving we are often left in the dark. We can see the savings in the form of our utility bills but wouldn't it be easier if we could track exactly how many kilowatts we were using up to the moment and then see how much we saved in relation to previous months?

Well the HEM is able to readily supply you with all that information and more. On a touch screen face it will give you updates and you can then type in your targets to conserve energy or even for how much you are looking to spend on your utility bills. This green device will even connect to the appliances and electronics around your home so you can dictate at what hours they will be turned on; this will cut out much wasted phantom energy as many devices sit on all day sucking electricity while in an idle or stand-by mode. Along with making your home more energy efficient the HEM will also be able to connect to the internet for news updates, play movies and music, and a host of other applications. "The Home Energy Manager has the potential to do for home energy management what the iPhone did for communication," professes the vice president in charge of Direct Energy's product development David Dollihite.

It is true that human beings do well off of visuals and by putting their energy consumption habits in clearly read form this little diddy looks to do much in the way of not only saving them on their utility bills but more importantly help them effectively conserve energy. In fact it is projected that with the aide of the HEM households will reduce their energy bills by 25 percent. The HEM is still under testing and will not be available for at least a year, but it sure does seem promising in helping all of us hit the energy goals of the upcoming years. And as with any market, when it comes to electronics there is always the competition hot on the heels of the newest device. So hopefully with the opening of this new decade will we see plenty of new green gadgets making their ways to store shelves.

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