Sunday, December 27, 2009

On Demand water heaters and more ethical consumption

Should you be looking for an effective way to reduce the amount of energy your home is consuming, be a more ethical consumer yourself, and save money on your utility bills all at the same time, you may look no further than your water heater. An outdated and more standard tank water heater could you be sucking your bank account dry and pumping that carbon gas into the environment at an appalling rate if you're not careful. In fact, in regards to the amount of energy your home consumes, your water heater comes in second behind only in home air conditioning and heating.

So what does this mean to you if you are looking to follow a more ethical model and reduce your carbon footprint? You may want to investing in an on demand water heater, also known as one that is tankless. A standard water heater is always running should you be actively using the hot water or not. In fact it is running when you are counting your sheep and even when you are out and about going through you day outside of your home. This is anything but energy efficient, and this is because at any given time your conventional water heater is working to heat a reserver of anywhere between 30 and 70 gallons of water. Exact temperature vary, but generally the tank of water is being kept at around 120 degree Fahrenheit.

So what if you want to cut back on the amount of energy your home consumes and want a water heater that will only work when you are actually in demand for hot water? That is where an on demand water heater comes in as these models cut out the tank completely and instead heat the cold water directly as it flows through the pipes. This is a rather ingenious way to reduce your amount of energy consumption but at the same time they may not be all that practical for everyone. While they will be able to cut back the amount of energy you use by anywhere between 10 and 30 percent they come rather large and may not fit in every house.

In fact they are so big you may want to think about getting multiple smaller ones and hooking them up to different individual faucets. This could then be a more feasible means for you than finding enough floor space in your home for larger units. You also need to consider how much hot water you and your family will be using. Because they only work when activated, they won't be able to supply as much hot water to multiple sources at the same time like you may be
used to with a more standard tank water heater. That means that should you be commonly having two showers going at once or running the washing machine and taking a shower at the same time, the water may not be as hot as you would like. Still, if you live in a smaller home or apartment, have superb water habits in terms of limiting usage, and want to significantly cut back the amount of energy you use a tankless water heater could be your answer.

Finally another big draw for an on demand water heater, outside of the amount of energy you will be saving and which will make you a more ethical consumer no doubt, is that their are more durable and will last you longer. While this may not be a huge benefit for Mother Nature, actually I could be wrong in that it means you will be creating less waste over time, it will mean that you will be saving money and the hassle of purchasing another water heater again later. A tankless, or on demand water heater will last you about seven years longer than a standard model. So when you are ready to oust that inefficient and energy consuming standard water heater, do both your budget and the environment a favor and opt for one that is tankless!

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