Sunday, November 29, 2009

A plea for more ethical Power

One of the biggest factors that are pushing countries across the globe to cut back on their carbon gas emissions and be more ethical consumers is the subsequent climate changes that have not only begun but that are further predicted. Hopefully by now those pathetic few who have claimed that Global Warming is some crazy theory cooked up by political leaders as some ploy have seen the error to their ways. There are worsening conditions in Ethiopia and other African countries due to the hotter temperatures destroying what little food resources they already have, and the Arctic is scheduled to become a slush pile during the summer months if we keep on the path we are currently on. Using the changes to our Earth's climate and weather patterns as the crux of their arguments, the World Energy Council makes a call to arms.

The World Energy Council, or WEC, has announced that the dire need to reduce power usage has reached a point of "critical uncertainty" in regards to the climate. Already the current power usage of coal, oil, and gas resources has had startling effects, but if they continue to grow and expand as the International Energy Agency predicts, by the year 2030 greenhouse gas emissions would soar to 40 gigatonnes. Today, our total amounts to 28 gigatonnes and surely an increase of 12 gigatonnes should be avoided at all costs. We may pride ourselves on carpooling, or turning out the lights, but obviously this it's not enough. With this in mind, the International Energy Agency is pushing to pass acts across the World to reduce the coal usage by 47 percent and oil by 15 percent to yield a reduction of half of the carbon emissions by 2030. That amount would then be 450 ppm, and the organization feels it should be reachable, and wishes that Worldwide the usage of renewable resources be raised by 33 percent. If this isn't obtained, then it is thought that the toxic gasses would lead to an overall increase of 6 degrees Celsius by the middle of this century.

Sadly, energy usage and habits is one noted to change all too slowly and gradually, and so it is up to the users to create the increased market for renewable resources. Along with working to reduce our current usage, we need to show that we not only want to rely on better power sources but we NEED to. Being ethical consumers ourselves we can make an impact when our numbers grow, and hopefully the governments of the 192 countries currently set to erect a plan in the December meetings to cut gas emissions will follow suit. It is not cheap to amend our current ways, and political leaders are no doubt hesitant to shut down refineries, power stations, and other pipelines being used to instead build new ones, but it looks like the state of the World depends on that.

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