Sunday, November 29, 2009

Make your cat an ethical consumer too!

Could your kitty be contributing to the global warming in a distressing amount without ever knowing it? While you may have cleaned up your own act and are being a more ethical consumer yourself; recycling what you can, turning off lights when you leave the room, and other environmentally friendly habits, your pet could be unintentionally undoing a bit of your own good. In fact, a whooping two million tons of cat litter, and those precious cat presents, are carted off each year to landfills around the world! Who could have known that Fluffy was creating so much waste?

While we all may not be graced with a cat so evolved as to being able to properly use a toilet and flush, there are ways you can help get your cat on the eco-train. Oust any of that fancy smelling, fragrance enhanced, clay cat litter and opt for biodegradable kinds. The two main components for standard cat litter are either ones made of clay or ones that are silica based. These are noted for clumping when Fluffy makes a deposit, and not only are they contributing to carbon emissions, but they are also responsible for releasing toxic fumes in your own house that could make you and your pet sick. Those litters clump because of the sodium bentonite in the litters, and when inhaled they can cause asthma and other lung ailments. Fluffy could be pawing her way to a wheeze soon enough. I'm sure many of us have heard the newer advertisements for cat litters that smell daisy fresh, and that cover odors so well that even your pet will have a hard time finding her litter box. Yet while they may prevent us from an unpleasant smell, they are not doing well in the way of preserving the Earth. It should be worth it to having to change the litter box a little more often in order to help protect the environment. Litters that you should pick are ones that are created from pellets of pine trees or sawdust, like Feline Pine, or even ones made from corn like The World's Best Cat Litter. And still others are made from recycled newspaper; your cat can now enjoy the same pleasures as we do and can catch up on the daily news while taking a visit to the loo!

Whatever cat litter alternative that you choose, you will not only be doing the environment a service, but your cat
too. Those fragrance enhanced chemicals aren't good for you (just like we've opted to rid our own homes of the chemicals found in standard cleaning supplies) and they aren't good for Fluffy. Help your pet become an ethical consumer too, and spread the rewards of green living!

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