Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ethical Consumption Through Cellphone Recycling

In our technologically enhanced world, almost everyone is toting their cellphone around like an extension of themselves. Whether housed in our pockets, attached to an earpiece, or carefully nestled in their own personal carrying case which in turn is hooked to a belt loop, anywhere you go your ears will be treated to the array of ring tones going off almost each minute from every direction. With so much care and attention these prized possessions receive, one would then think that our loyalties to each phone would be akin to that of a beloved pet. Well, that assumption would be wrong; the second phone companies come out with the latest phone or updates, we are apt to ditch the old for the new. But those old (and I use that term loosely) cellphones don't need to wind up in the trash or in some landfill. By recycling your old cellphone when you choose to upgrade, you can further have an ethical purchasing power.

Materials such as the silver, gold, copper, and other metals or plastics present in each cellphone can be recycled and then used for future products and even donated to a reputable charity. So how can you recycle your cellphone? First, when you go in to buy your newest model, talk to your carrier and see if the manufacturers take them back. If that isn't an option, there are many big name retailers, such as Best Buy and Staples, who have deposit sites for your cellphone. There are also many charity or awareness events that periodically go on where they host a cellphone donation site. One charity in particular is e-waste, where they work to take the earnings from the discarded cellphones and use it to provide schooling and other resources to less privileged countries and people.

You can search online for options nearest you, and if your phone is still close to new, you can check out who offers payment for qualifying phones. But there are plenty of charities who could benefit from your old gadgets. There are Cell Phones for Soldiers, and others listed at You can even send in your old phone through the mail instead of taking it to an actual site. Also in the works is the new EcoATM, which looks similar to that of a money dispensing ATM, but instead you chuck your old phone in the bin! These aren't yet in wide
circulation, but are hoping to be by next year. They also accept cameras, laptops, MP3 players, and other devices as well.

As cellphone technology is always evolving and consumers are more than willing to scoop up the latest models the second they hit the shelves, that leaves countless 'outdated' phones left in the wake. Instead of simply burying those cellphones in the back of your closet or stuffing them in a drawer, give them to one of the many deserving charities and recycle those cellphones. Adopting this ethical purchasing method, you can further validate buying the latest cellphone you've been coveting!

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