Monday, September 7, 2009

Does Your Purchase Support Ethical Consumption?

Do you know that the shampoo you use everyday might have been tested on rabbits before being introduced in the market or your favorite leather shoe has added to the rise in Amazon deforestation? I am sure you will agree that if we spend thousands on an expensive product, we also have the right to know where it came from and how ethically was it produced. There is an ever-increasing market of go green products out there. We just need to discover them in time and make the most out of it.

You will be shocked to learn that most of the cosmetics, medicines and household cleaners which we use daily, have been tested on animals. Consumers may think of not using such brands but the big question is – are they willing to pay more for ethically produced items? The answer is yes! Research shows that fair trade purchase in all countries has increased to a great extent. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of ethical consumption. They are showing interest in buying products which appeal to them ethically as well as aesthetically. The main aim is to choose brands that can help you make a difference to the environment and society.

Lately, I have started checking labels and reading more about companies involved in promoting environmental sustainability and good work. Being an informed yet inquisitive consumer is need of the hour. From buying ethical appliances and furniture to food items and cars, we all can make a positive impact on the society by supporting the cause of ethical consumption.

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